Letters of recommendation

Students are welcome to ask me for letters of recommendation. Writing them is part of my job, and I am happy to do it. If I don’t think I can write you a strong letter or won’t have time to do it by the due date specified, then I’ll let you know.

In order for me to write an effective letter, here’s what I’ll need from you:

  1. A list of the programs/fellowships/etc. to which you’re planning to apply, with deadlines clearly indicated. If what you’re applying for is not a graduate program or fellowship in the humanities, well, first of all, good for you. More importantly, it’s unlikely that I’ll know much about it, so the more detail you can give me, the better.
  2. Your curriculum vitae or résumé.
  3. A draft of your personal statement, if applicable.
  4. If it’s for graduate work in the humanities, one or two pieces of writing that you think represent your critical work and interests, between 15 and 30 pages total.
  5. Any other relevant documents.
  6. Any required waiver forms.

If you want to use my letter for more than one application, then I recommend that you use a dossier service such as Interfolio. You can send me these documents as pdf or in hard copy.