Autumn 2017 25 September 2017. Theorizing American Studies. Theoretical Concepts for American Studies, Week 1.
Spring 2017 9 July 2017. You Better Work. ACLA, Universiteit Utrecht.
  The Future. Modern & Contemporary Symposium, Week 10.
  Feminism and Neoliberalism. Critical Approaches 2, Week 10.
  29 March 2017. The Cell, the Shell, and the Death Drive. University of Manchester.
  19 March 2017. Images for Postmodernism. American Literature since 1890, part II.
  18 March 2017. The Cell, the Shell, and the Death Drive. Poetry, Neurosis, and the Present, Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought, Goldsmiths College.
  Theorizing the Novel. The Novel, Week 6.
  Literature in the Age of Big Science. Modern and Contemporary Symposium, Week 6.
  Shakespeare’s Tempest. Texts in Time 2, Week 3.
  6 January 2017. “Freedom in Constraint” [no slides]. Session 355, “Feelings of Structure.” MLA Convention, Philadelphia, PA. [paper]
  5 January 2017. Fictions of Female Labor. Session 156, “ELIZA at 50.” MLA Convention, Philadelphia, PA. [paper]
Autumn 2016 Jean Toomer’s Cane. Texts in Time 1, Week 6.